Tesla Solar Roof

Solar Without Compromise
25 -yr
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Elevate Your Home’s Aesthetic

Transform your home into a powerhouse of sustainable energy with the installation of the most premium roof on the market, the Tesla Solar Roof. By harnessing the sun's power, enjoy a fully integrated solar and energy storage system that combines functionality without compromising aesthetics.  

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Built Texas Tough

The Perfect Fusion of Durability and Innovative Style, the Solar Roof combines the best of both worlds with engineered black tempered glass tiles. With the option of both PV performing and non-performing tiles, you have the ability to customize the correct kWh size system for your unique energy needs. With the majority of roofs rusting and weathering over time, the Tesla solar roof cannot oxidize, lasting longer than any other roof on the market. It’s unparalleled hail, wind, and snow ratings bring durability, longevity, and corrosion resistance like never before.

Don't take our word for it.

We thought about having the warranty be Infinity

Solar Roof


Tile and Power Warranty
25 years

Solar Glass Tiles
72 W

Steel Tiles
Corrosion and weather resistant

Wind Rating
Class F (highest rating)

Fire Rating
Class A (highest rating)

Hail Rating
Class 4

Roof Pitch
> 2:12


Unleash Optimal Solar Energy Utility

With the advanced Tesla Solar Inverter, your fully integrated system guarantees safety, reliability, and seamless operation during outages. Moreover, the built-in connectivity ensures that your Tesla Solar Inverter constantly evolves and improves through over-the-air software updates. Embrace the pinnacle of solar technology and unlock the full potential of energy generation for your home.
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Monitor and Optimize

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Stay Connected and In Control with the Tesla App.

What if you could see your daily energy production and solar usage? With the Tesla app, now you can. Seamlessly track your energy production as it happens, right at your fingertips. Take command of your system from anywhere, receiving instant alerts and enjoying remote access for effortless control.
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